HSC: No bullying allowed


by Katjivena Katji, Al Arabiya and Alexandra Sverrisson, faz


After three days of deliberations it seems that the U.S.S.R. and UK wish to end this more intrusive, insisting on military intervention and threatening to veto any resolution that does not include it. Other countries proposed the adoption of aggressive diplomatic measures.

Later on, a draft resolution on the possible measures was presented. The goal is stopping the Apartheid in South Africa, which undermines the basic human rights of the native African society. The Secretary General himself came to give instructions on the document. Overall, there were around 12 amendments to be discussed and debated.

The most interesting part was the appearance of a delegate from France. Using simultaneous translation he gave a very strong speech about the failure of all participating countries to recognize the threat of military intervention for civilians. According to him, the use of such force is no legitimate solution to the problem in South Africa. He prompted for a new approach.

with the kind help from the Chair and the delegate from Ghana

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