Honourable Delegate of Morocco: “You never know what, where or when is going to happen. Yesterday’s situation showed us that you always have to be ready”


by Katjivena Katji, Al Arabiya

photo by Polina Spartyanova



It was 4 am when the Honourable Delegates of the Security Council were allowed to take a breath after their emergency meeting on Turkey’s disastrous situation.




The SNN asked them about their thoughts and feelings on this unexpected event. The Delegate from the People’s Republic of China incorporated us in the situation.

China acknowledges its responsibility as a United Nation member first and most importantly as a permanent member of the Security Council. The delegate states that China is always ready to respond to crisis that threatens world peace, as this is part of the Security Council’s obligations.

The crisis in Turkey was a surprise, but China showed its ability to work under pressure, despite spending the whole day in deliberation on the Korean crisis, remarked the delegate. She expressed further gratitude towards all other delegates of the United Nation Security Council for their quick reaction to the call of duty and meaningful contribution to the presidential statement.


The SNN team got familiar with the French delegate’s story. The representative stated his satisfaction with the successful outcome; however, he believes that more up to date information from the Secretary General would have made the work of the Security Council easier. The French delegate hopes for better time management and information, because it plays a crucial role for decision making and resolutions on crisis situations.


The Russian Federation’s delegate was extremely delighted that peace was maintained. Although he recognized the evening to be extremely stressful, he nevertheless expressed his delight with the interesting opportunity to work under such tense conditions.

In the end all of the delegates were highly satisfied with the outcome and applauded the well done job.


“You never know what can happen, where or when. Yesterday’s situation demonstrated to us that you always have to be ready”, remarketed the beautiful delegate from Morocco. “To be honest, we all wanted to sleep but we made it and made it good.”

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