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 SNN Daily Journal

Honorable Delegate of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 


As things get heated up in the Security Council, there is a general feeling in the conference room that certain countries are out there only for their own interests and agendas.



“Seriously, Russia we are not that naive, we see through your smoked screen” remarked a delegate from Luxembourg after a representative of the Russian Federation expressed acceptance of People’s Democratic Republic of Korea’s nuclear research. The permanent members of the council voted against the removal of clause 6 in the working document, prepared and submitted by the French delegate. The Clause, which allows the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to continue with their nuclear energy research, obligated the country with some inspection from the organs.


The Delegate of the Russian Federation has on numerous occasions said that the DPRK should be entitled to develop its nuclear energy program, because every country has the right to reliable energy supply. However it was pointed out by the Luxembourg delegate that more than 70% of the DPRK’s energy comes from coal and the amount of blocked pits is equivalent to 60% of DPRK coal mines.. “It is their mines in crises, because their country’s lack of technology to pump out blocked pits”.


The delegate from Luxembourg believes that providing the DPRK with this technology will solve the energy problem that the PM’s are so concern about and it will be seen also as an “out of good will” on the part of the international community. The Honorable Delegate of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg didn’t understand why Russia is so determined to allow Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to develop their own nuclear energy program. The Delegate call on the committee to earnestly consider the alternative.

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