SC meets North Korea

by Polina Spartyanova, SNN editor

photos by the author


At the second day the Security Council invited a delegate from North Korea to see his point of view about sending IAEA inspectors to its nuclear facilities.


SC – France: Would the DPRK be willing to admit IAEA inspectors to its nuclear facilities?

North Korea: Our people, lead by the great Kim Jong Un, reject any intervention. Independence should never be impaired from other countries.


SC- China: Is the DPRK willing to return to the NPT?

NK: DPRK used nuclear power only for peaceful needs. That’s why our great leader thinks that we don’t need recognition for that.


SC-China: Does the DPRK has any legitimate security concerns that the SC should take into consideration?

NK: Our dear respected leader, representing all the people of Democratic Korea, has concerns about the capitalistic USA and possibility of intervention in our land with the help of the army of South Korea.


SC-USA: Why did the withdrawal from the NPT having previously stated that the uranium enrichment program is directed at production of nuclear fuel?

NK: Our great nation, decide to withdraw, because our concerns of legitimacy of NPT for reasons like this managed by capitalistic USA.


SC-USA: What can the USA realistically do to establish peaceful relations with DPRK?

NK: Our great leader, followed by all the people of Korea, thinks that the only way to establish relations with the capitalistic USA is when capitalistic USA capitulate and join all the country to the real socialistic world.


SC-USA: Would the DPRK sign another armistice agreement with SK?

NK: We will sign anything, when the capitalistic USA capitulates unreservedly!


SC-Russia: Is NK willing to expand the extent of the demilitarized zone provided SK agrees to do the same as well?

NK: Great leader of our people is ready to demilitarize the entire border when trators from 77777South Korea capitulate and condemned PSY in 120 years of jail.

SC-Russia: Are they willing to come together with SK in order to open facilities such as the Kaesong Industrial Complex?

NK: Our great nation is opened for every friend of the socialistic world. However we can’t ignore complexes, which are of national importance for the capitalistic world and the non-socialistic countries.


SC-Luxembourg: Is the DPRK willing to return the Six Party talks and, if so, on what terms?

NK: Our awesome leader is ready for any cooperation when you, capitalistic pigs return the fluffy unicorns to the great land of Democratic People of Republic Korea!!!


After that the delegate from North Korea stormed out form the conference room.

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