People’s Republic of China hopes for better working relations

by Katjivena Katji, Al Arabiya

photos by author 




After long talks and negations the Delegate from the People’s Republic of China finally agreed to give statement on the Nuclear Crises. The young, charming and erudite representative said the following: “The People’s Republic of China is eager and willing to find a working solution to the Korean Crises. China believes that no one should be allowed to throw region and even the world into chaos for its selfish gains. While pursuing its own interests, a country should accommodate the legitimate interest of the other, she further added on”.


The honorable delegate once again informed our reporters and also asked the rest of the committee to be well aware that China maintains and will always advocate for a foreign policy of friendliness, cooperative, harmony and peace.


The position of China could be useful to reaching an amicable agreement between DPRK and other parties. China hopes to gain the support of Luxembourg, France, Russian Federation, the USA and Australia. She hopes that they all play a major role in determining the future of the Korean crises: “The whole council holds the key to unlocking the door to peace in the Korean Peninsula”.

In her finial word the honorable delegate encouraged the rest of the members to view the People’s Republic of China as a friend and that. The Chinese government recognizes the potential threat of this crisis and is ready to actively engage in foreign policy mechanism in the name of its resolution.

























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