Gossip committee – tuesday


SC gossip:


Uhhh, spicy! It seems that there’s a fling between the SC chairs. For good or for bad!? Perhaps the Security Council has turned into a twisted fairytale since now there is an alarm clock instead of a prince charming for the sleeping beauties. Russia and China representatives can’t wait to meet the North Korean macho! And by the way the Russian Federation has some kinky sanctions for the DPRK!


And “The best accent” award goes to the representative of France with ”the cute Jewish accent”


HSC gossip:


Flirting chairs… AGAIN!

Is it possible for the beautiful Helen to have captivated the heart of don Pepe?

1085339_10200957290908753_999357047_n (1)And the love balloons keep popping. The charming representative of Italy has been exchanging flirty smiles and is giggling pretty often with her colleague from China. How many couples will turn out in SOFIMUN 6?



There are too much Subs in DA HOUSE! Subway appears to be unpleasant for the delegates. Some want pizza, others want salad. Guys, there’s a pizzeria just across the street! Keep walking!


NEWS FLASH: There actually is a love affair between a correspondent for the SNN and an organizer. And it has been going for a pretty long time now.




CHINA: Can I move in and annex Taiwan?

USSR: Don’t care.

USA: You don’t dare! :D

UK: Don’t care.






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