Vannity Fair – wednesday



At least one of the Security Council chairs knows how to walk on high heels. Unfortunately, he is not the one to wear them. Is that some foot fetish or what?


Hohoho, it seems that our dear SG has some special interest in the HRC. For more information check the fan post below.


You are going to eat SUBWAY for the rest of the week. Deal with it!


During the guest lecture it has been spotted that our SG has some shaky hands. Do you have some stage fright or something? Chill out, my friend, chill out!


Some of our readers have issues with the censorship. Since from now on the Gossip Box is owned by “Vanity Fair”, please contact our owner or editor in person if you are not happy with the posts.


The little match girl has been lighting a lot of matches lately. Rumor has it that one of the ladies has been hanging around with one of the organizers and two of the delegates. That’s quite a big heart I might say.


HRC gossip:


“The atmosphere in the HRC is not romantic at all” they said, “lack of boys” they said. The young delegate representing Ecuador is giving some dirty looks to the delegate of Chile.


HSC gossip:


The USSR delegate has attempted at intoxicating 3 of the 6 chairs. Is that bad or good? May the intoxicated decide.



The UK supports military invasion in South Africa – where is the right of sovereignty and democracy if aggression is used to solve the crisis? ~HSC


FAN POSTS that we loved:


Two Greeks are sitting

On a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

First comes the midnight crisis,

Then comes love,

Then they have some “official business”.

-wink* wink* if you know what I mean.



Life is really unfair. SNN guy with big Mac, and us with SUBWAY again.



Hey you just watched us,

And this is crazy!

But you’re a creeper

So call us maybe.


And all the other committees

Are sleeping quietly

So God, please help us

And veto maybe!

~Security council, 03:15 AM


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